Who makes your (Electric West) clothes?

On April 24th each year, Fashion Revolution, a UK based non profit, and global movement, aims to raise awareness of the true cost of fashion. This marks the anniversary of the tragic Rana Plaza factory collapse, that killed more than 1,000 factory workers in Bangladesh, in 2013. The hope is for greater transparency, sustainability and ethics. Here's a bit about Fashion Revolution...

Our Mission:
We believe in fashion- an
industry which values people, the environment,
creativity and profits in
equal measure, and it's everyone's responsibility
to ensure that this
(via fashionrevolution.com)

At Electric West, we stand with Fashion Revolution and fellow brands that choose ethical, sweatshop free, safe production, where workers earn a fair, living wage . We are excited to be a part of this revolution and share our production story with you! 

Electric West, owned by Kelly Mancini, is a small, woman run business, based in San Diego, California. We work with a 13,000 sq foot factory in Vernon (Los Angeles), CA, that houses 10 employees, and produces every one of our t-shirts. Each tee is cut and sewn in our Vernon factory, then sent to our dye house, less than a mile away. Here it's dyed and pre- washed, before it's sent out for print. We work with 2 screen print facilities, in Los Angeles, where our tees are printed and pressed in small batches. Each shirt has a final quality inspection (in house), before it's shipped to you, from our headquarters in, San Diego.

We pride ourselves on providing vintage inspired, timeless tees, that will live in your closet for years, not just a season. It's our resistance against the world of fast fashion. By purchasing from Electric West, you are supporting a small, US company, and the ethical fashion movement.


Cut and sew in our Vernon factory 

Cruz, sewing shirts in our Vernon factory 

Our production assistant Jenet, at the Vernon factory


Where are your clothes made? All in Southern California...

Los Angeles production

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